Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits Of Massage and MFR

  1. What do I wear? 
    I like to do a standing assessment so men please wear underwear or gym shorts and women wear a sports bra  and shorts , bra and underwear or a two piece bathing suit.

  2. What to expect first session? 
    We will discuss your health history  in detail and will recieve a full treatment . Enough time is spaced between clients for you to discuss how you are feeling and schedule your next session.

  3. How often should I come? 
    Results vary with each person, but usually benefits are gained with  one to three months of coming one to two times a week.  Chronic or severe conditions could take longer.  Regular tune ups are recommended to stay feeling great!

  4. What are your fees and cancellation policies?
    Please see Services and Fees  menu and ask about discounts for continued therapy.

  5. How do I enhance my  treatments?
  • Communicate with your therapist, let them know of problems or awareness that relate to you physically or emotionally.
  • Breathe….really try to sink in and let your breath be present at each session, your therapist can help you with this if needed.
  • Be committed to getting better, show up on time and schedule regular sessions and have a positive attitude towards healing knowing that sometimes it takes dedication.
  • Move- allow your body to move if it needs to during a session and allow emotions to be felt for deeper healing… this is called unwinding and is perfectly normal.
  • Drink plenty of water!  Keeping you body hydrated is very important to therapy  helps you eliminate  toxins after  treatments.
  • Reduce Pain

  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety

  • Enhance Flexibilty

  • Increase Circulation

  • Promote Healing

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Detoxification

  • Improve Sleep

  • Ease Prenatal Discomfort

  • Soothe The Spirit

  • Feel Great!